Notes from Kate
I took a trip late summer to see some of the Great Wonders of the World, in a word...the West! I visited Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and traveled to Sedona Az. where supposed Great Spiritual Energy resides. I have been thinking about this trip and the parallels to living in Graham county.

We have the highest dam on the Eastern Seaboard, Fontana Dam right in our backyard. Created by a mammoth effort, built in record time to supply energy for World War 2.  Even better, the Appalachian Trail comes out of the National Forest onto the Dam to cross Fontana Lake to enter the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That's pretty great, right?

I have also been thinking about the Grand Canyon and how they are, in a way, inverted mountains. Vast gorges, carved by millions of years of water and wind. And I think about the lush Appalachians Mountains, some of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, also carved by wind and water. So much water here, it gives us a unique ecosystem that seems untouched by man's hand. That's pretty grand, isn't it?

Then there is Sedona AZ, where energy vortexes are said to dwell, so strong are their powers that they call many people to pilgrimage there in search of inner peace. I already know that feeling of searching. I was literally drawn to this area over 20 years ago. It became a longing in my heart to be here and it has been my home ​since 2002​. I have talked with many visitors over the years that have expressed the same feeling of being drawn to these mountains. They are full of their own spiritual energy. Many people have asked me over the years, "Why did I come to these mountains?" I finally learned to answer them simply..."to be closer to God". So, in essence, we have our own energy vortex in these mountains!

You too can find a connection to these wise and beautiful mountains, unspoiled, uncrowded, just waiting to be discovered.

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